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At Onestringer, we get a lot of questions and know that it would save you all time to have a place to get them answered without having to wait on us...so...the FAQ's page has been started for you with that in mind...

Q: I've registered for an account, but haven't received a validation email yet.  What should I do? 

A:  First thing to do is to check your "junk mail" folder in your email.  It is very likely you will find your validation email there.  If you don't find it there, please don't reregister...just send us an email at mywraps@onestringer.com to include your first and last name and we'll get it validated.  I'll email you back as soon as I can get your account validated.  Once you receive that email you'll need to login and update your profile to include your shipping address before placing your order.


Q:  I don't have a paypal account.  Do you accept any other forms of payment?

A:  Yes, of course.  Actually, we use paypal as our credit card processing company.  That means that you can select "Pay with Paypal" to order using a paypal account OR using a credit card.  If you do not have a PayPal account or simply wish not to use it for this purchase still click the Check Out button which will direct you to paypal and then click the link below their login screen that says "Don't have a PayPal account?"  It will take you through to pay with your debit or credit card

And as always, we will always accept check or money order.  Please be sure to print out your order form and send it in with your payment to:

Onestringer Arrow Wraps
3107 S Farm Road 45
Republic, MO 65738

 or give us a call at 417.732.4424 and we'll take your order over the phone

Q: Do you charge shipping? 

A:  Yes, shipping charges were added in October of 2010.  All US customer orders will be shipped via Paypal shipping services.  You will receive a confirmation email when their order has shipped which will include a tracking number for your convenience.  Please make sure your Paypal address is the address you want your order shipped to.

International orders will be shipped through the USPS Shipping Assistant and will also receive a confirmation email along with a tracking number for your convenience.

Q:  Why do I need arrow wraps?

A:  Arrow wraps are a great way to increase the visibility of your arrow either on the target or on the forest floor.  They protect your arrow (especially carbon arrows) from damage due to scraping off old fletching...just peel and reapply then fletch em up.  And of course, they are a great way to personalize...whether you are required to include your name, address and phone number on your wrap to meet hunting location regulations, initials on the wraps for target competition, or just to show your buddies that you are way cooler than they are.


Q:  I've had wraps that smear before, will your wraps smear?

A:  Unfortunately, all wraps smear to some degree.  It is the nature of the beast (ink).  Bug sprays, natural oils, and even frequent pass throughs will affect your printed design.  However, we've found a solution to that problem.  The Double Dogg.


Q:  What is a double dogg? 

A:  A double dogg is a clear overlaminate wrap designed to protect the printed design on your wraps.  We recommend them for anyone who shoots traditional, whisker biskit or just has a lot of contact on the arrow (close groups with a single shot target). 

Video:  Double doggs in Action

Video: Arrow Wrap and Double Dogg Installation 

Q:  What are the Onestringer minis?

A:  Onestringer Minis are FOB (by Starrflight) wraps.  These are not for you if you use feathers or vanes for fletching.  They are to be wrapped around the FOB.


Q:  What width do I need to order?

A:  This is arrow specific, but most standard carbon arrows will use a 1" wide wrap. 

We have added an arrow width selector chart for the most commonly used arrows to our FAQ drop down at the top of the page...simply click on FAQ and select your brand of arrow from the drop down menu.  If your arrow is not listed, please email mywraps@onestringer.com for help.

     Or...  Take the outer diameter of your arrow and multiply by 3.14.  Then round up a minimum of 0.05" to determine your wrap width.

     If you shoot an aluminum arrow you can determine the OD by taking the first two numbers and dividing by 64 (for example 2315's would have an outer diameter of 23/64)

If you don't find your arrow on the charts, just let us know.  We will be happy to find the information you need.


Q:  How do I order my custom design?

A:  Contact us at mywraps@onestringer.com with a description of what you are looking for.  We'll work it up to the best of our imagination.  Once we settle on your design with you we'll give you a wrap name.  Then go to the customs page of the website and select the "create your own design" option (first product on the page).  Enter the wrap name we give you into the box provided.  Select size and other attributes you wish to include.  If your design includes Mossy Oak, Predator, Realtree, or ASAT camo please indicate that premium camo is part of your design (cost is a dollar more for camo patterns, if this is not appropriately selected it will delay the shipment of your design until the correction is made).


Q:  What length wraps should I order?

A:  Length is really up to you, but my personal rule of thumb is to add a minimum of 3" to my fletching length to get my wrap length.  I start my fletching 1" down from the nock so this allows a good 2" of design below the fletching.  If I have text or some other design that I don't want covered up I'll make accommodations so that my fletching doesn't cover my design. 

For 2" blazers (and similar fletching) I only use a 4" wrap if it is a solid color.  I typically use a 5-6" wrap with blazers.


Q:  Are Onestringer Arrow Wraps durable enough for Whisker Biscuit (and similar) arrow rests?

A:  Yes if they are double dogged...We recommend that you double dogg for any rest that maintains contact with the arrow (ie...whisker biscuit, traditional off the shelf, etc).  All printed/custom arrow wraps are printed, and as is the nature of inks they will smear with constant contact.  Our double doggs protect your design from all kinds of wear...whisker biscuit rests, bug spray, pass through shots, etc.



Q:  What brand of fletching adhesive should I use to put my feathers on Onestringer wraps?

A:  We use and recommend Locktite Super Glue Ultra Gel.  it is inexpensive.  You can pick it up at any local hardware store.  It dries clear and fast and holds tight. We recommend you not use Duco or Fletch Tite Platinum.


Q:  What is the shelf life of these products?

A:  The vinyl we use has a shelf life of 2 years.  This means you can order them and keep them on the shelf for up to 2 years.  For our dealers, we can usually restock your shelves within a week of order placement.


Q: What are the Onestringer limbsations?

A: Onestringer Limbsations are a cost effective way to spice up your bow. They are a self adhesive, matte finished, laminated sticker used to customize the look of your bow.



Q: How do I apply my Onestringer limbsations?

A: Onestringer Limbsations are so easy to apply that even the average Joe can put them on with no problems. They are made of a special material that allows air bubbles to easily be rubbed out after application. Typically, they are cust slightly larger than the limb so that you don't have to get them on exactly perfect...and are easily trimmed with a sharp knife, exacto is great. You can watch Scott apply a set here...watch video



Q: What does 1 set of Onestringer limbsations get me?

A: Onestringer Limbsations come in a set that will cover the front of your bow limbs. For recurve, longbows, and custom limbs that means 2 pieces...for split limbs that means 4 pieces. You can purchase another set to cover the belly if you want.




Q: What size are the Onestringer limbsations?

A: Onestringer Limbsations are standard cut to fit a Black Widow recurve bow, but will fit most recurve and longbows as is.  1-2" tapered width x 30" long.  However, we custom cut and design for compound bows, since there are so many variations from one to another.  Just shoot us an email using the contact us form if you want to design something that you don't see on the website.


Q: How much do Onestringer arrow wraps weigh?

A: Onestringer arrow wrap weights are as follows:

standard: 1.1 grains per square inch
reflective: 1.6 grains per square inch
double doggs: 0.5 grains per square inch

To get the exact weight of your wraps we'll use .95 x 6 as a sample:
.95 x 6 = 5.7
5.7 x 1.1 = 6.27 grains total


Q:  How do I reorder?

A:  Log in and click on the "Your Account" tab at the top of the page and go to your profile.  Then at the top of your profile you will see a button labeled "order history".  Click on "order history" and this will take you to a list of all of your previous orders.  You will see that the name of the wrap you ordered is underlined....it is a link.  Just click on the item you want to reorder and this will take you to the order page.  You will need to reselect size (except on customized wrap orders) and other attributes.

As always, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll help you with anything I can...and it is likely your questions will end up on the FAQ page shortly there after.



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