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Wrap Installation
Wrap Installation

Arrow Wrap Installation

Step 1: Remove old fletching

Step 2: Clean arrow with adhesive removal (Goof, GooGone, etc)

Step 3: Wipe arrow off with alcohol (rubbing, not whiskey)...

DO NOT wipe the wrap off with anything

Step 4: Lay wrap, adhesive side up on a solid surface (mouse pad works great)

Step 5: Line up the end of the arrow (nock removed) with the end of the wrap and slide until the arrow meets the wrap (parallel)

Step 6: Press down and roll the arrow slowly and with some pressure into the wrap

Step 7: Fletch

Watch the Video: Arrow Wrap and Double Dogg installation


Fletching Glue Recommendation

. We have been testing a number of different adhesives with various wraps and have found that when fletching with vanes the best option is a fast set super glue. We personally use "LOCK TITE SUPER GLUE GEL" which can be found in the hardware section of your local Walmart Store. We also recommend that you use plenty of glue and not wipe off the excess. Just a bead the size of the base is fine...no more, no less. After fletching your arrow, put a drop of glue at the top and bottom of the fletching.

Do not smoke around your fletching area...it will dry out adhesives.


Arrow Wrap Removal

Step 1: Heat the wrap (about an inch at a time) with a hairdryer or over boiling water (steam) for a couple of minutes

Step 2: Peel off the wrap and fletching


Limbsations Application

New and Improved Onestringer Limbsations Application Instructions


  • Wipe limbs clean
  • peel limbsation from paper backing
  • line up and press in place
  • use a straight edge …credit card, drivers license…to smooth it on
  • rub any remaining air bubbles out with your thumb
  • trim off excess with a sharp edge (razor blade, exacto, etc)
  • shoot

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